Top 6 Reasons to Book a Fall Vacation on 30A

Aug. 18, 2016

Top 6 Reasons to Book a Fall Vacation on 30A     

Is anyone else shocked at how fast summer is flying by? It warms our hearts to think about all of the families that have booked their summer vacations with us and made priceless memories in our cozy beach cottages. We take pride in helping families make those memories that will last a lifetime. We are now nearing the fall months, which is also a favorite time of year for many locals and tourists alike. If you have yet to vacation on 30A during the fall months, you are missing out on a whole new way to experience this area.

1.    Our cottage rental rates drop during the fall months.

Let’s start with one of the most obvious reasons to book a fall vacation on 30A – discounted rates! Our rates start to drop late in the summer and continue to drop throughout the fall and winter months. Do you really need another reason?

2.    A beach day in the fall is what 30A dreams are made of.

We certainly love a long summer beach day, but if you’ve never experience a day on the beach sometime after the end of September you are missing out. The weather reaches a level of cozy perfection that is hard to put into words – you just have to experience it for yourself.

3.    College football on the beach? Yes, please.

There are businesses on 30A that now offer game day setups on the beach. That’s right – tent, chairs, big screen TV – it’s a whole tailgating and a whole new game day experience rolled into one…on the beach. Some of these same businesses also offer movie night setups.

4.    There is a whole new (and exciting) lineup of 30A events in the fall.

If you thought the summer events on 30A were exciting, wait until you see the lineup of Fall events on 30A – some of our most popular (some may even say famous) events happen during the fall months. Have you ever been to the ‘Noche de los Muertos’ Halloween Party in Alys Beach?

5.    A more relaxed vibe and atmosphere for your beach vacation.

You’ve heard the term, “the calm before the storm” – well, fall on 30A is like the calm after the storm. There are still PLENTY of tourists visiting the 30A area during the fall months, but there is something about the atmosphere that shifts post-summer – the autumn vibe is certainly more relaxed.

6.    Experience new outdoor activities that 30A has to offer.

In the heat of the summer, it can be difficult to enjoy any outdoor activities on 30A that don’t include being in or near water, but 30A offers so many other options for outdoor fun that are easier to enjoy once the weather cools off in the fall months.


Are you ready to book one of our charming beach cottages for your fall vacation on 30A? Contact 30A Cottages & Concierge today to book your vacation and get details on all that this area has to offer during the fall months.