How to Support 30A Musicians

May. 4, 2021

Music in some ways can serve as the lifeblood of a community, our 30A musicians write songs that represent our region, the life that we share here and our experiences. Music tells our story. To be a local artist is a challenge in itself, not to mention the recent climate of the industry. Local musicians and live music venues have worked hard for years to create memorable experiences for residents and visitors alike. Certainly the desire to support local music exists, but perhaps you aren’t sure where to start. Here is a list of ways we can continue to promote the vibrant sounds of 30A and a list of links to social media accounts, where our musicians can tell you themselves how best we can show our support. 


Donate to 30A Musicians via Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, Patreon or TiPJAR, or any other money transfer app

The quickest, most direct way to support artists is to buy their products or to make a donation through a channel that they fully own, one that takes little to no revenue share away  from them that they can access immediately. Musician’s often have their username listed on social media accounts.


Buy directly from artist’s e-commerce channels 

Unless an artist is pushing merchandise, they may be facing limited access to necessary materials for merchandise production. Look for our artists’ music and merchandise stores on Bandcamp, Gumroad, and Shopify. Fun fact - Bandcamp has even been running promotions where it waives its share of sales so that the artist’s themselves receive the full value. Because vinyl-pressing plants and music-retail manufacturers may be under strain, it could be a better idea to buy downloads or other kinds of digital products, instead of physical copies.


Tune in to livestreams

While it isn’t quite the same, we have all experienced somewhat of a sense of connectedness at the sight of a familiar face on a screen. It gives us a chance to laugh together, drink together, and gives our musicians an audience to share their art with. Artists and event organizers will normally include Venmo, Paypal, or other payment details on their streams so that fans can contribute financially.


Stream their music! Share it on your social media, and buy digital copies

Streaming and sharing are the most convenient and most affordable ways to help. Adding these respective artists’ songs to your playlists on Spotify or giving them a ‘like’ on the app can help them with the platform’s algorithm-generated playlists. If enough people buy their album it could help to balance out any financial losses they may have faced without live music.

Forest Williams Band


Will Thompson


Chris Alvarado


Dread Clampitt


The Blu Jays


Casey Kearney


Allman Goldflies Band




The Luke Langford Band


Jacob Mohr